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i made this DW acount a long time ago, but never posted anything here because it was too confusing . but now since everyone is moving to DW i guess i have to learn the new layout :(
LJ is so much easier
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just went this weekend to bahrain cinema to watch x-men apocalypse. it was amazing the story the effects everything was perfect it was heart breaking and sweet.but i am so sad the trioligy is over and the actors contracts are up i hope james and micheal will came back and play their charecters again in any new x-men movie they make a great charlies and erik  
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so i have decided its about time i talked a little about myself and post it public for once ^^ .I am 25 years old  from Saudi Arabia, love arashi(hopefully one day i will be able to travel to japan and attend their concerts), and a huge x-men & batman fan.I like to game in my spare time read historical novels and crime novels(Agatha Christie mostly) and watch action movies.
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been playing this game alot lately ever since i saw the arashi cm, its very addictive  so if anyone would like to add me as a freind there this is my id 310,138,324

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finally my PC is back I took it to get fixed and I had to spend two long boring weeks without it because my mean older sister wouldn't let me borow her's i hate my sister she never lets anyone use her stuff but who cares I got my PC back yay .

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My favourite teacher was my elementary art teacher.
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miss marple i love agatha christies  novels so i like her alot
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Arashi is amazing i was just listening to there song crazy moon for the third time this day I love it. there great at everything they do.ohno is my favorite but i like all of them hard not to they each have something special. i really want to learn japanese so i can understand without needing translation but so far haven't  learned much .
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I was watching the DVD's i had bought two weeks ago but couldnt watch cause i had to study.


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